Best Pizza Shop concept and design
Best Pizza Shop are the best pizzeria in New York

Best Pizza Shop approached me with existing assets and asked to create a new brand voice, which includes new website design, and social media strategy 
First the client and I set a goal for the branding process. The client asked me to create a new design that will "push" users to order online instead of going to the pizza shop. In order to get to know their audience and competitors better I conducted a market research. The research results helped me to get to know their fans better and decide on the new brand voice and tone.
I decided to take their multi-page website an turn into a one pager with one clear message. The design strategy was to go Mobile First since most of the users will reach BPS' website via social media or use their phones to order online. Since BPS don't have ordering system the main action on this page is order with GrubHub.

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