Re-brand Communicating impact
Dr.Shani Horowitz-Rozen, Communicating impact CEO, is an strategic communication and marketing expert. She approached me for re-designing her website. She asked me to create a design that portray her professional services while maintaining her unique style.
About the process:
I conducted a competitors analysis, and then created a user story and a user profile. Once I understood who the potential users were I started working on the color scheme. The potential users were defined as people in management levels that don't have time to read a lot of text, and need to trust the website very fast. The chosen color scheme was shades of blue to show the professional side of the company and shades of orange to show the creative side. I've added small illustrations and parallax movement to keep the design flowing and moving while the users scroll through the page.

I also helped Dr.Horowitz-Rozen to find her brand's voice and create a single clear message.

Designing for the Wix platform can be very challenging. I needed to take under consideration a few technical limitations. Mostly forcing content elements to be centered and limit use of screen real estate.

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