Client: Nissan
My role: Art direction

We have crafted an enchanting digital experience to complement the activation, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the gameplay. As participants embark on their gaming journey, they are treated to captivating interactive videos tailored to their specific phase within the game. These delightful and clever scenarios featuring our beloved mascots will surely make everyone smile.

We designed storyboards showcasing diverse mascots tailored for two prominent vertical screens. Each mascot has been thoughtfully assigned a distinct script, meticulously crafted to embody a modern retro aesthetic that seamlessly aligns with the esteemed Nissan brand. The careful integration of this design approach ensures a cohesive and captivating experience throughout the entire activation.
We were inspired by Nissan's electric vehicles (the undisputed stars of the event). Thus, our visual language and puns were cleverly drawn from basketball terminology and the concept of "electricity."

This project was part of my work at GMR marketing

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