The Laundry Room is a boutique laundry service located in the famous Kreuzberg neighborhood in Berlin

The Laundry Room needed rebranding as it didn’t have good brand awareness within the main demographics of local businesses and tourists

Designing for both tourists in Kreuzberg who expect a retro feel for their journey as it’s a common style for the neighborhood with requirements from local businesses who need a clean, efficient, and modern cleaning service provider for their wares brought us to a very clean look inspired by commercial ads of the 40’s and 50’s (but without the gender roles!).

I had to fit all existing brand resources and content to fit this new design, leaving us with just the essentials for textual content and very spacious screen real-estate. We resolved this emptiness by using non-symmetrical elements which visually connect different elements on the page without adding clutter. The color palette was chosen to represent brand's values:
1. Freshly washed laundry  - white #FDFDFD
2. We're always happy to see you - Bright Yellow #FAF7A4
3. Not your ordinary laundry place - Hot Pink #FE44B2

During the competitive analysis I noticed Berlin has a very unique design style that focuses on quality and not on marketability, which is different from the US market that focuses on sales.

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