Client: Life's Inventory
My roles: Branding, website design

Do the things you really wanna do!
Life's Inventory emerges as a beacon of reassurance in the digital landscape, offering a transformative solution to the
age-old challenge of document management. Through meticulous market research and empathetic engagement with potential users, I spearheaded a rebranding effort that reframed the narrative surrounding sensitive topics such as injury or death. By emphasizing the benefits of organization, security, and controlled access, the branding strategy resonates with users personally, instilling a sense of empowerment and peace of mind.
Navigating the delicate balance between sensitivity and practicality, the design of Life's Inventory's landing page serves as a welcoming gateway to a world of organization and preparedness. With a clear focus on the user experience and the key value propositions – organization, security, and accessibility – the landing page invites visitors to embark on a journey toward greater peace of mind. By addressing users' pain points and offering a free trial, Life's Inventory positions itself as a trusted ally in the quest for a more streamlined and secure approach to life's essential documents.

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