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Branding and designing for Life's inventory

Life’s inventory is a service that allows you to upload all your life’s documents (will, diary, business info, family info,etc) to a secure system so it will all be available in one secure place and will never get lost. The company requested a re-brand and landing page for users to sign up for free trial.

About the process:
I created a focus group to hear about how the potential users feel about the product (when will they use it, what are their main pain points, and if they feel this product can help them solve a few of those pain points) This group and research helped me understand how to tackle this sensitive subject in a friendlier way.

I chose to focus on these points:
1. Get your life organized and have more time to do the things you really wanna do, instead of wasting time looking for documents.
2. One secure place, you will never lose any important information again.
3. You can give access to view your documents to anyone you want

Branding a service that requires the users to think about unpleasant situations such as injury or death of themselves or a loved one.
Landing page- computer screen
Landing page- mobile screen + Business card

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