Client: Le merde seattle
My roles: Website design, design implementation, social media GIFs

Le Merde Seattle, a meticulously curated concept vintage store nestled in the heart of Seattle, Washington, embarked on a new chapter by venturing into online retail. They recognized the importance of establishing a captivating digital presence and sought expertise in online store design and development to seamlessly transition their unique offerings to the virtual realm.
I added this phrase to the website design as this is something that appears on Le Merde brick and mortar store's entrance.
As Their business owner ,Debi, is a very humors human being she wanted the website to reflect all the unique and fun elements of her store. Such as the other business owner- Kitty the french bulldog.
Added stickers to the page to enhance the humor and fun side of the store, and giving the store a unique voice
All stickers are available via Giphy and Instagram stories so client can use them and the brand can enjoy more brand awareness.

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